Creating a sweet Twitter Background

The other day I noticed a link to someone’s twitter page, referencing that they had made a new custom background for their page. This got me somewhat inspired to create my own.

The inspiration for my background layout and design is based off of a pretty sweet tutorial over at psdtuts

I also took some inspiration from the new gatorade campaign

Hope you enjoy…

First off, here is an example of the finished result

1. Create a new web photoshop document with the dimensions of 1600 x 1200 pixels

2. set the fill color of the background to #c1c1c1

3. In your web browser, go to your twitter page and take a screencapture of it.

4. Paste the screencapture in as a new layer in photoshop above the background layer and then drag the marquee tool (m) around your twitter content, then press cmd+shift+I to select everything else and delete it.
5. Once you have done that, center the layer that contains the twitter content
6. Now you know the area that the twitter content will take up - so that you can design your custom background to fit behind it. I followed the create a magic themed layout from scratch tutorial over at psdtuts to create the space/star filled background.
7. Once I had done that I pulled my manga Avatar (courtesy of faceyourmanga) and then created a little slogan/logo for him to reside over


8. Place your Logo layer above your space background and place it somewhere to the left of the twitter content layer
9. Now all you have do do is hide your twitter content layer and save out the graphic - you can save it at whatever level you want, but keep in mind, the higher the jpg quality, the longer the page load will be.

10. once you have saved out the graphic, log into your twitter account click on the settings link in the upper right
then click on the design tab

11. After that select the change background image button. Click on browse, locate your background.jpg that you created make sure the tile background button is unckecked and then click ’save change’


After that, just go to your twitter page and check out the sweet new background!

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